Gold mine in indeterminable amount

12/02/15 07:57:01 | offer | Rubber boots
L'Or for sale Hello Mr or Mrs I am of French nationality resident in France. I represent and I help a group of miners French sale of natural precious metals; mainly gold powder and ingots. We are looking for a safe and reliable buyer, living in Europe (Russia, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Greece ... , Denmark, and many others ....) Asia (China, India ...) the US, the Latin America (Canada ...) or the Middle East (Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar ...) for the sale and export of the raw metal powder and ingots for a aisonnable interest. The features of our products: 1. Product: AU Metal (Gold) 2. Origin: West Africa 3. Type: Alluvial gold 22K 4. Purity: 92.7% 5. Quantity: 300 kg. 6. Quality: Gold dust and bullion 7. Prices powder: € 20,000 per kilo We are looking for buyer or people we can to connect with buyers Email: rouxmichel2008@gmail.com

Price:£ 0

Location:Gwent Valleys



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